eeshies antics

aspired doodler who hates wreckers & wankers, but hey will let karma do her work. I heard she's great!

the good, bad & ugly, through good thick & thin (physically or situation wise) always good to know you have wonderful souls in your life. nothing ever beats that.

Eid Mubarak to all!!

sleeping cat

the sleeping cat made its way to our clients humble home, and I bet it felt cozy in the nook of the house. cat lovers - this piece brings tranquility for kitty to the next level!

the alphabet series! - we have decided to customize these canvases. size available: 21cm x 21cm, 40cm x 40cm & 60cm x 60cm.

mind you we could also incorporate all 26 alphabets on one big canvas for your little toddler to enjoy looking at these vibrant pieces and learn these A-B-C’s as easy as 1-2-3’s!

gotta love this track!

(Source: Spotify)

so I recently heard this version thanks to my bestie.

love the original version where we’re just jumping and enjoying care-freely, but this one knocked it out of the park for me.

not advised to listen to this version when you’re hopelessly emotional and suicidal.


mentally disturbing. this song is depressing, but I love it. of course I do. the suicidal ones.

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it was quotes like this that kept me in check.
a good night to remember, a reason why it brought us together…
one of the most trying times for you… is when your friends love you when you can’t even love yourself.